Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Where there is fairy food..

I am busy decorating the kitchen of my fairy dolls house. I believe that it´s most likely that the fae creatures have their food in a woodland kitchen... So I´m decorating this blue-painted room with leaves that I have pressed, mushrooms that I bought in flea markets and acorns and pinecones that I gathered in the forest last autumn. And of course the fae need a tea pot, a mortle and a glass bottle filled with flowers... In the tea pot I think they serve the sweetest nectar tea that makes the soul sing.

The table in the fairy kitchen seems to be covered with moss and flowers. Maybe they serve black currants here and drink wine made from crushed moon stones. And I am thinking that the fae sit around this table, singing songs in beautiful melodies, playing harp and flute and listening to the rain fall. And I believe they also tell each other stories of a time long ago when the fae walked upon the earth much more freely. A time before the hearts of men froze and humans started to deny the existence of the fairie realm. Yes, this was truly a time before the humans started to pollute the earth and to believe that they are masters of this world.

I am not quiet finished decorating the fairy kitchen. I need to add some delicate tree-like twigs to the room to make it even more woodland-like. Some more moss is a must too. And I need to make a very little harp so that they can play music from the heavenly spheres every night and day.  

Oak tree mythology

This easter I have spent time in a forest where there was oak trees everywhere. Since I was a child I have felt a special connection with oak trees. It truly is the tree that speaks to my heart the most. In old Celtic mythology the oak tree was considered to be the most holy of all the trees. And that is how I feel about the oak tree too. 

This oak tree forest grows at an island called Ängsö, which is close to where my grandmother lives in the county of Västmanland. The mythology surrounding oak trees fascinates me. In old Celtic mythology the oak tree represented doorways to other realms. And it was believed to provide shelter and protection when passing through to other dimensions.

In Greek mythology it is said that the Tree Dryads live in oak trees. And in other mythologies too, fairie-like creatures have safe homes in the oak tree. It is said that they love their homes and the fruit of the oak; the acorns. They use acorns for decoration, wear the caps of acorns as hats and use the leaves to celebrate the autumn. Hundreds of nature spirits live in the oldest oak trees. And in every oak tree there lives at least one nature spirit. 

This day I truly embraced the sun, walking around in the oak tree forest and sitting by a lake looking out on the glittering, blue surface of the water. To my great joy I saw butterflies and heard the sound of bumblebees. I wore a necklace from the butterfly collection I am working on now, as well as a cream coloured capelet. Cream and light yellow are my favourite colours to wear right now. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Butterflies, flowers, tiny frames..

I am creating necklace pendants using old dolls house frames and flower pictures from vintage cigarette cards... Little pendants that I will hang from ribbon, lace and chain. Right now it really inspires me to make jewelries on the themes of flowers, butterflies and antique photographs. 

Inspired by those victorian butterfly collections, I have created a few three-dimensional pendants using butterflies that I cut out of an old butterfly book that my very special friend Delila gave me. 

When I make arts and crafts, I am usually at my happiest. Because then I am expression me, expressing the person that I am deep inside. Lately I have very much been in a creative mood, also creating necklaces with old keys as well as dream catchers. And I am working on my fairytale book too.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

I love tea..

I can not imagine a day without tea. As a gift, my very special friend Delila sent me herbal teas that were handcrafted with a lot of love by an inspiring lady called Lindsey Luna. Lindsey has one of my favourite
instagrams; it´s about floating blooms in handmade teacups and about hearing the stars sing. Inspiring things like that.

I received the teas in a jute string bag. The little tea boxes are so beautiful to look at; they are almost like tiny works of art in themselves. Tonight I was drinking one of them called Nectar Moon.

What are your favourite teas? Except for Lindsey Luna´s teas I also love to drink organic tea by Clipper Teas. Especially their white tea with orange and their Rooibos tea. Another favourite tea of mine is a Guardian Angel herbal tea by German Sonnentor. Now I am going to sit down in my old sofa of red velvet and sip some tea and plan for my upcoming adventures in life.

The Sun of Man

"I spin around forever and I hope to land some day... The Sun of Man will feed me in a very special way..."

You can see me in a music video to a pretty beautiful song by Elizabeth Punzi & The Mushroom Cloud... The video is on the topic of dreams and the dream world. And the song is an anthem on the power of imagination.  

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A blue fairy ring..


Yesterday I saw a ring of blue flowers. And I thought that it must be a fairy ring... What else could it really be? I did not dare to step into the ring though, since I have heard all those stories about what happens if one steps into a fairy ring. But still it was beautiful to find a fairy ring! And if there is actually a human who planted these flowers in a circle shape, it must me someone with a lovely fairy imagination... someone who once upon a time maybe even stepped into a fairy ring herself to be captured by the world of faery... and when she came back to the world of humans, she couldn´t resist creating fairy rings in nature... Or maybe she co-operated with the fae to create this blue fairy ring. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The world is full om magic..

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper". This quote is by the poet WB Yeats and it is a favourite quote of mine. This miniature antique photo and the dried nature specimens I received as a gift from Delila, a friend very close to my heart. I think these are some magical little things...

Delila also gave me a tea crystal to put in the tea pot while brewing tea. But first one should place the crystal in the moonlight during the night hours. I keep the crystal and the natural specimens in a tiny antique box that I bought in a village in England when I visited Delila last year. The box is for nectar tea. I can imagine nectar tea to be the kind of tea that elves like to drink! When I open the little box I feel the wonderful scents of the natural specimens.